Empower through educationGrowth

Specific development program customised for the yacht ・ Engaged leadership team, focused on human capital ・ Motivated crew

Let’s empower you and your team with growth opportunities

Whichever growth program you choose, they all accomplish the same goal; to make you and your crew more knowledgeable and feel more inspired. We increase everyone’s skills and motivation levels which results in greater confidence and therefore a better guest experience.

All our trainings are accredited by the GUEST Program.

Three different levels

1. Essentials

This course is for the steward/ess that has wondered about service, learned from different people along the way, however never been sure what the International service standards are. Wait no longer, join us and be knowledgeable and confident in the future.

2. Advanced

You have been in the industry and have loved every minute of it. You have climbed the ladder or are looking to do so. You are excited and motivated and always looking to learn more! 

3. Specialist

You know the industry very well and have been working in it for a long time. You have reached a management position and are keen to keep on learning and become an industry specialist.

  • Leadership* (pick and choose) * Contact us for custom onboard development packages

  • Communication Teambuilding

  • Personal Leadership:

    – Choices to Extraordinary Productivity
    – Habits of Highly Effective people

  • Leadership

    – Essential roles of Leadership
    – Critical Practices for Leading a Team
    – Habits for Managers
    – Leading at the Speed of Trust
    – Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Ignite Everyone’s Intelligence